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Ethylene Glycol Diacetate ( EGDA ) ST-EGDA1

Explore the versatile applications of Ethylene Glycol Diacetate (EGDA), a reliable solvent for coatings and inks. Discover its uses in thermoplastic acrylic coatings, ink systems, and more.
Product Specification
Product Name
Ethylene Glycol Diacetate
Formula Weight
Structural Formula
Storage Temperature
Below +30°C.
1 Year
Technical Indicators
Colorless Transparent Oily Liquid
≥99.0%(Visual Inspection)
<20 Hazen(GB/T3143-1982)
≤0.3 mg koH/g (GB/T 1271)
Product Description

Ethylene Glycol Diacetate (EGDA): A Versatile Solvent for Coatings and Inks

Ethylene Glycol Diacetate Introduction:

Ethylene Glycol Diacetate (EGDA) is a colorless transparent oily liquid that serves as a versatile solvent in various industries. With its exceptional properties and compatibility with different materials, EGDA has become a preferred choice for applications such as coatings, inks, and more. In this product introduction, we will delve into the details of EGDA, exploring its properties, applications, and benefits.


EGDA Properties:

EGDA, with a molecular weight of 146.141, is a colorless transparent oily liquid. It exhibits excellent solvency, making it an effective solvent for a wide range of materials. The slow evaporation rate of EGDA contributes to enhanced working time and improved application control. Additionally, EGDA offers weather resistance and compatibility with different resins, making it suitable for outdoor applications.


Ethylene Glycol Diacetate Applications:

1. Coatings:

EGDA finds extensive use in various coating applications. It serves as a solvent for thermoplastic acrylic coatings, providing excellent solvency properties and facilitating smooth application. EGDA is also employed as a solvent for cellulosic coatings, contributing to the desired performance and durability of the coating systems. Its compatibility with different resin systems allows for versatile application in baking lacquers, enamels, and more.

2. Inks:

EGDA plays a vital role in ink formulations. It is used as a solvent in ink systems, including screen printing inks and outdoor inkjet inks. EGDA offers excellent solvency for colorants and other ink components, ensuring optimal dispersion and stability. The slow evaporation rate of EGDA enables extended open time during printing processes, allowing for improved ink flow and transfer.

3. Other Applications:

Apart from coatings and inks, EGDA finds application in various industries. It serves as a perfume fixative in the fragrance industry, providing long-lasting scent retention. In resin synthesis, EGDA acts as a solvent, contributing to the production of high-quality resins. Additionally, EGDA is utilized in foundry core binding, insulation, and as a deodorant coating solvent.


Why Choose EGDA

1. Versatility:

EGDA's versatility allows for its application in a wide range of industries, including coatings, inks, fragrances, and more. Its compatibility with different materials and resins makes it a flexible choice for various formulations.

2. Slow Evaporation Rate:

The slow evaporation rate of EGDA offers extended working time, enabling better control during application processes and ensuring optimal results.

3. Weather Resistance:

EGDA exhibits excellent weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor applications where durability and longevity are essential.


Ethylene Glycol Diacetate (EGDA) stands as a reliable and versatile solvent in the coatings and inks industry. As a professional specialty chemical manufacturer, we ensure that our EGDA meets the highest standards of quality and purity. By harnessing the benefits of EGDA, industries such as coatings, inks, and fragrances can enhance their formulations and achieve superior results. Experience the advantages of EGDA and unlock new possibilities in your applications.


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