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(HY-R103) Cigarette Filter Tip Hot MeltAdhesive

Product Description

※ Product: Cigarette FilterTip Hot MeltAdhesive 

※ Model: HY-R103 

※ Application: Thishot meltadhesiveis mainlyapplicabletothelapbondingofcigarettefilterrodpaper.

※ Suitable For Machinery: KDF2, KDF4, FR4 andotherhigh-speedfilterrodforming machines.

※ Product Features: Non-toxic, Odorless, Solvent-free, Environment-friendly Hot MeltAdhesive 

※ With FastCuringSpeedandStrongAdhesion.

AppearanceWhitetransparent particles
Softening Point90℃±5
Melt Viscosity(160℃)1100±300mPa.s
Thermal Stability>200

* ApplicationProcess

  • GlueSpraying|Therecommended operatingtemperatureis 120 ℃ - 150 ℃.

* PointForAttention

  • Do not mix up with other adhesives.

  • The hot melt glue tank must be covered tightly to prevent sundries from falling into it and affecting the performance of the glue.

  • Personal protective equipment shall be worn because the hot melt adhesive must be heated during use

  • It is recommended to recycle "first in first use".

* Package and Storage

Package: 25kg/bag, packed in three-in-one paper plastic bag

Stored: Store in a cooland dry place and avoid direct sunlight.The storage temperature should be lowerthan 50 °C and away from fire and heat sources. The unused glue should be sealed immediately.

Note: The color of the product will fluctuate due to different batches of raw materials, but it will not affect

the performance of the hot melt adhesive.

Application Enterprises: China Tobacco Henan lndustrial Co.. Ltd., China Tobacco Shaanxi lndustrial Co._td.. China Tobacco Hebei lndustrial Co., Ltd., China Tobacco Yunnan lndustrial Co.. Ltd. and othertobacco companies.


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